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Second Week of School.  We finally got caught up a little on sleep Monday after this weekend (which is when you’re actually supposed to be sleeping in, right?).  Monday Sonya and I didn’t do much but work on homework all afternoon. I got to Skype with my parents for the first time J but my video never seems to work well.  I got to hear all about their family vacation without me to Yellowstone, and I’m sad I missed it!  Especially seeing my mom getting chased by a moose lol!  She wants a souvenir that is representative of Spain and its culture, but I’m not quite sure what to get yet.  Tuesday we went exploring a bit more in Valladolid, and we found the COOLEST jungle gym I have ever seen.  I would’ve been on it longer if we weren’t getting funny looks from a few of the passerby.  Too bad they didn’t have decent swings, or I would never have left.  Wednesday’s we watch Spanish movies, and this week we watched El Hijo de la Novia (last week was Volver).  Thursday after the siesta, we went to the beach for a few hours and got a nice tan.  Sonya and I went shopping and found a few things to wear this coming weekend.  I’m finding it difficult to locate any clothes for taller/longer women.  All the pants here are one length, for the most part.  This week we also met Mercedes’ daughter Reyes and her husband.  Reyes has been staying with us since Monday, we think they said that she might be pregnant.  She has been feeling sick all week, and our teacher Ruth said it is pretty common for women for to back to their parents’ house during times like this.  It’s so funny to hear them joke and they get so excited about the littlest things.  When we showed them our new clothes, I think they said preciosa and rico at least ten times each between the both of them.  Last night (Thursday), we had shrimp.  They were DELICIOUS, but Sonya and I couldn’t get over the fact that they hadn’t been cleaned.  It was so hard not to freak out when we had to pull off the heads and legs to eat them.  Today we had our first test in history, and it went pretty well.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, and there was a lot less writing portions then I assumed.  This afternoon Sonya, Alexandra (another classmate), and I are heading to Simanca, which isn’t too far away ( I think they have a castle that we are going to check out).


I’m doing a terrible job at blogging; it’s been a whole week since I last wrote on here.  A lot has happened since then.  The first week was awesome, and it went by so quickly.  We literally walk everywhere here, and my feet have taken a beating to prove it.  Our host mom Merecedes has been great, she is a good cook and we have gotten to try a lot of new things.  We have had tortillas de patatas a lot; they consist of eggs, potatoes, and onions.  They are delicious and seem pretty easy to make, so I might have to try them out on my family when I get home.  We hit up a lot of places in Valladolid this week.  In Plaza Mayor we did some shopping and got to try out a bunch of new foods in the cafes there.  Our favorite so far has been the croquetas J Everything is so beautiful here.  I love the architecture of the buildings here, especially the cathedral we visited earlier this week. It was so massive we couldn’t get it all in one picture.  Today we found out in class that some of the Jews killed here in the 1500s were buried under the Campo Grande we visited this week, which is a huge park full of animals, food stands, and a small pond in the middle of Valladolid. 

This weekend we made a trip to Madrid and stayed the night there in a hostel.  It only was an hour long trip on the high speed train; we got to visit a TON of cool places.  My favorites were the Prado art museum and the Egyptian temple that had been rebuilt there.  We could have spent all day in the Prado and still not have seen everything.  We also went to the Parque del Retiro, Plaza de Toros, the Plaza Mayor, and a discoteca on Saturday night. 


Ay! So today is the first day of school. This is Sonya and I´s second day here, and we are still getting settled in. We arrived in Valladolid yesterday around 5 pm spanish time, which is 10 am at home. The plane ride was soooo long! I wish we could have been able to sleep some, but unfortunately I don´t fit too well on a plane! The best part was having an individual TV screen on the seat in front of you. I could watch whatever movie or TV show I wanted, and there was tons of music and games to choose from so that kept us busy most of the time. We arrived in Madrid around 8 am (1 am at home) and were picked up a couple hours later by Alberto, who works at the university. He brought us to our host family right away in Valladolid ( which was a little over two hours driving distance).

We were greeted by our host mother Mercedes with kisses on the cheeks! We each have our own room, which used to be her two children´s rooms. They are both married and moved away and she has one granddaughter. The room is nice. Bed is a little small for my 6’2 frame though, and the baby dolls hanging from the walls are a tad bit creepy! We are only a few minutes walk from the school, which is awesome. We are also just a few blocks from the park and the beach, which is right along the river running through Valladolid. People in Spain are a bit more open than in the U.S., so we saw a few couples making out and lots of women with their swim suit tops off and the men had VERY small bottoms. She made us food right away. Meals are bit different here and they are made a lot later than the mealtimes at home. Breakfast was normal, lunch around 2 or 3 and supper around 9 or 10. We got to watch the Eurocup, and Spain won! Mercedes was very excited!!! I went to bed early since we didn´t get any sleep the night before.

School started this morning at about 8:30 with orientation. I´m taking three classes: conversation, history, and culture. Culture was the most of interesting so far; it´s crazy to see the differences between here and America. Sonya and I are going to try to do a little bit of exploring this afternoon! I hope the Spanish gets easier.

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